Collectors Toys Updates Summer 2018


Due this week we will have AW Shortt, on a Scania S730 with a Pezzaoilli trailer.

We will be up with Shortts on sat.  30/06/18

David Guatella  Scania 4 unit only will be available 16/7/18

McAuliffe XF106ssc unit only “Tribute to Jack” will be availabe 16/7/18

Ian Robberts Scania S730 with a fridge trailer should be available for 20/7/18

All the above 4 should be ready for Convoy in the park at Donnington.

Iain Watt t-cab with Muldoon trailer should be ready for Truckfest Scotland

Proudlock Livestock Volvo FH4 with Parkhouse Houghton trailer will be available for Truckfest Scotland.

James Adams scania 4 Highline unit will be available for truckfest Scotland

The next models coming then will not be available till september 18 both will be from the Irish Collection.


S&N Caravans is now in stock, number 6 in the Tri Nations Collections.

SNT Scania R620 Blue Stream – this is down to last 13 in stock.

Thomson Livestock – 16 are now left in stock.

C. Rocks – Is well on its way now & we are down to the last 25 pieces.

Due into stock over the next few weeks

  • Martrian Scania XL Cab (Black Magic) Unit Only (circa18th 19th Sept)
  • M.Keys Scania 143 with livestock float (25th/26th Sept)
  • McGeown Scania T-Cab with low loader (9th/10th October)
  • J.M. Bell & Sons Scania R 6×2 with livestock float (9th/10th October – Tri Nations

Due in Late October:

  • David Philips Commercials Scania 4 Recovery Truck
  • David Alsop FH4 with curtainsider
  • McCrudy JNR Scania R 730 with livestock float


Collectors Toys update – 02/07/2017

Due around the 14th of July:

  • Julian Davies – Scania TCab with tipper trailer
  • Bairds FH4 Volvo (unit only)
  • Chris Waite Scania R730 with Pezzaoilli livestock trailer
  • RW Stewart Scania 143 with Parkhouse Houghton Livestock Trailer

Due around the 28th July:

  • S&N Caravans Scania R topline (unit only)
  • Stuart Nicol Transport Scania R Bluestream (unit only)
  • W. Walker Scania R 560 with Parkhouse Hougton Livestock Trailer
  • C.Rocks Scania R Topline (unit only)

New Models Coming Soon

We are happy to announce that we have new models in the pipe line.

  • Mc Culla Volvo F10 with fridge trailer (historic)
  • P.Morgan Scania 144 Unit only
  • Stuart McKee Scania 144 Topline

All these 3 trucks are due before the 10th of May 2017.


  • E.Thomson Scania R 560 tag with 4 deck Parkhouse Houghton Livestock Trailer
  • This will be coming into stock on the 17th of May.
  • The wait is over & the TRI Nations project is finally about to kick off.

List of Trucks:

Zeelwood DAF XF SSC 106 with fridge due middle of May

J Davies Scania TCab with tipper trailer due early June

Chris Waite Scania R 730 with Pezzaoilli Livestock Trailer due early June – TRI Nations

M.Keys Scania 143 with Parkhouse Houghton livestock trailer due mid June

S&N Caravans Scania R Topline unit only due mid June – TRI Nations

RW.Stewart Scania 143 6×2 with Parkhouse Houghton livestock trailer due July

Plus 2 more Scottish Models due before – Truck Fest Edinburgh.

The End

Events List updated

Hi Everyone, just letting you know we have updated the events list for 2017 –

See below

Events in Ireland 2017

Please see below a list of events that Collectors Toys will be attending throughout the year.

Sunday 23rd April – Clonakilty Model Show – Showgrounds Hall

Sunday 23rd April – Dundalk Vintage Truck Show

Sunday May 7th – NEC Birmingham UK unconfirmed

Wednesday 10th May – Belvoir Collectors Fair Belfast 5pm – 9pm

Wednesday 21st May – Doncaster Toy Fair (Barrypotter Fairs)

Saturday & Sunday May 27th/28th – Waterford Truck Show at the HUB Kilkenny

Saturday & Sunday 10/11th June – Fulla the pipe Punchestown Truck Show, Punchestown Race Course

Sunday June 18th – Stafford Toy Fair (Barrypotter Fairs) unconfirmed

Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd July – Convoy in the Park – Donington Race Track East Midlands confirmed

Saturday & Sunday 5/6th August – Truck Fest Scotland confirmed

Sunday August 13th – Stafford UK unconfirmed

Sunday August 20th  – N.E.C UK unconfirmed

Sunday August 27th –  Dulla Truckshow  Co Tipperary

Sunday 10th September – Limerick Model Show – Southcourt Hotel Limerick

Sunday September 24th – Bolton UK unconfirmed

Friday September 29th – Belmount Banbridge

Sunday 1st October – Sligo

Sunday 8th October – Carlton Hotel Dublin

Sunday October 15th – Doncaster Toy Fair UK (TBC)

Sunday 22nd October – Tullamore Diecast Show – Tullamore Court Hotel, Co Offaly

Sunday November 5th – Scots Model Falkirk confirmed

Sunday November 5th – The Hub, Kilkenny

Sunday 5th November – Scotsmodel, Falkirk, Scotland

SUNDAY 19th NOVEMBER- MODEL FEST CORK (4th year) – Cork International Hotel, Cork Airport

Sunday November 26th – Carlton Hotel Dublin

Wednesday November 29th –  Belvoir Toyfair Belfast

December 3rd – ?????

Sunday 10th December – Stafford Toy Fair UK  unconfirmed

Wednesday 27th December – N.E.C Toyfair UK  unconfirmed

Friday 29th December – Belmount Hotel, Banbridge

Saturday 30th December – Menlo Hotel Galway


Sunday March 18th – Modelfest Scotland, The Village Hotel, Aberdeen confirmed 



We will add more dates to the events list as gigs are confirmed. Please check at venues for details of shows. Last updated 19th April 2017

29th Jan Update 2017- Collectors Toys

Models Available this year 2017

A&M Commercials T-CAB will be available later this week

East – Coast Livestock Scania R Ridged – Will be available late Feb

Dermot Conroy Scania R 620 Ridged & Trailer (pezzaoili) – Available late March

Keohane Ready Mix Volvo FH4 6×2 with half pipe tipper – Available late March

McCulla F10 with reefer trailer – Available April

Zeelwood Daf XF ssc 6×2 with reefer trailer – Available April

Julian Davis Scania T-CAB with tipper trailer – Available May

Tri Nations Collection commences in May 2017 with the launch of S&N Caravans Scania R – Unit Only (See Pictures Below)

Thomson of  Sauchen Livestock (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) – Available early June (see picture below)

Thomson Sauchen Livestock-Collectors Toys

Thomson Sauchen Livestock-Collectors Toys








Models In Stock 2017 & Updates:

McCurdy Giftset – Sold out.

CJ Farrell – Last 16 in stock

PJ Gillane – In Stock

Barna -In Stock

Derry Bros – In Stock

O’Toole Scania R 730 (20th Anniversary Fridge) – Sold Out

Govern R with Low Loader – 5 in Stock

Daire Maher – 5 in Stock

We have some back catalogue in stock at present – please call or PM us on  Facebook for further information

Update 11/12/2016

RH Robinson Scania R – down to the last 5

O Toole Scania R 730 – down to last 15

D.Mahar – down to last 12

C.Goveran – down to last 7

McCurdy Gift set, FH 4 Volvo, Scania R Griffen & curtiansider due late this week

Due in christmas week – Cj Farrell Scania 4, PJ Gillane & Banra Scania R with fridge


Breaking News – From Collectors Toys


Well lads,

We will like to announce that we, Collectors Toys, are now commissioning 1:50 scale Tekno model trucks in England, Scotland and Wales in addition to our Irish Market.

In addition, we will be launching our new collection to collectors titled;
The U.K ‘Tri-Nations’ Collection.

As the name suggests we will be branding each model truck according to where it’s from.
For example:
*An English truck will have St. George’s flag tagged on the box.
*A Scottish model will have the Scottish Thistle tagged on the box.
*A Welsh model will have a Welsh dragon tagged on the box.
We have introduced this to give each truck it’s own identity plus it will add a new dimension to collectors to further their interest.

As well as that, we will sub-divide The U.K ‘Tri-Nations’ Collection into the following categories;
*Units/Show trucks
*Heavy Haulage
*(plus one more added section to the collection that will be introduced late in 2017)
Basically along the lines of what we have done with the Irish Collection.

This new venture for us will be a working collaboration with Ben Lord at Speedbird Promotions. Hopefully this strategic collaboration will help expand the Tekno brand in England, Scotland and Wales. We are both looking forward to working with each other and hopefully achieve our strategic objective.
This does still mean we will be working independently from one another with regards our collections.
Speedbird Promotions will independently run the following:
The General British Collection
The Tekno Collectors Club
The Tekno Historic Collection

Here at Collectors Toys we will be running;
The U.K ‘Tri-Nations’ Model Collection.

(This is just to make things clear)

Now if we have any interest in following our new collection. We will be more than happy to take names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc. To keep everyone up to speed with our gradual progress.
You can either;
E-mail is at
Ring/Text: (Mike) 00353872355379
(Fionn) 00353879393807
Or private message us on Facebook.

We would like to thank Tekno ‘groot in Klien’ for giving us this opportunity to expand our network and business. Hopefully we can do our new venture justice to collector and haulier in the near future. All I can say that there is exciting times ahead for Collectors Toys.

Well that’s all from us here at Collectors Toys.
Have a lovely weekend and take care.

Collectors Toys
Mike & Fionn
(A.k.a ‘Rodney and Del-boy)


the over due update !

Its been a while since we have updated you on what we have new & what is due in!

Currently in stock-

Hughes R560 with fridge curtainsider – 180 euros

Cunningham R620 (unit only) retail – 120 euros

D. Maher Scania R560 6×2 with powder tanker retail -195 euros

Hayes Cabin Hire Scania R730 6×4 with Palfinger crane (unit only) retail – 145 euros

Due into stock shortly –

R.H. Robinson Scania R560 6×2 with fridge curtainsider – will be available Wednesday 5th October at the Burndale Hotel, Castlewellan, Co Down.

Derry Bros. Scania 110 with fridge trailer –  Due mid October 2016

Laverty Livestock Scania R560 6x2tag with Houghton livestock trailer – Due Mid October

J&D Trucking (Joe Gwynne) Scania T Cab (Unit Only) – Due Late October

Creggan Scania R730 4×2 with pezzaoilli Livestock Trailer – Due Late October

PJ Gillane Volvo FH4 with fridge trailer – Due Mid November

O’Toole Scania R730 6×2 with 25th Anniversary Trailer – Due December

A & M Commercials Scania R T Cab 6×2 (Unit Only) – Due December

W. Mc Curdy Giftset – Volvo FH4, Scania R Golden Griffen & Curtiansider Trailer – Due Late December.

CJ Farrell Scania 4 (Unit only) has been delayed – no release date available yet.

Barna Transport Scania R with fridge – no release date available yet.


Currently we have a large range of back catalog Irish Models in stock. Please contact us should you require anything. 

Thompson Livestock & William Gill Livestock currently in Stock

We currently have Thompson Livestock & William Gill Livestock in Stock.

Thompson Scania R 580 6×4 with pezzaoili livestock trailer, 200 euros

William Gill Scania R 560 6×2 tag with 3 deck houghton livestock trailer, 200 euro

DW Scania R 620 6×2 blue stream with gray/adams reefer trailer, we only have 7 left in stock.

A&M Commercials Scania R 6×2 tag with reefer trailer is currently sold out.

Polar International Scania R 4×2 with Pezzaoili trailer is also sold out.