Collectors Toys Updates Summer 2018


Due this week we will have AW Shortt, on a Scania S730 with a Pezzaoilli trailer.

We will be up with Shortts on sat.  30/06/18

David Guatella  Scania 4 unit only will be available 16/7/18

McAuliffe XF106ssc unit only “Tribute to Jack” will be availabe 16/7/18

Ian Robberts Scania S730 with a fridge trailer should be available for 20/7/18

All the above 4 should be ready for Convoy in the park at Donnington.

Iain Watt t-cab with Muldoon trailer should be ready for Truckfest Scotland

Proudlock Livestock Volvo FH4 with Parkhouse Houghton trailer will be available for Truckfest Scotland.

James Adams scania 4 Highline unit will be available for truckfest Scotland

The next models coming then will not be available till september 18 both will be from the Irish Collection.